Polymer heating films and modified fabrics with carbon nanoparticles
ArcticTex company is a developer and manufacturer of heating modules based on electrically conductive fabrics.

Creation of heating textile is carried out with the use of carbon nanotubes, transforming the threads into an independent heating element. This technology provides more area and uniformity of heating, as well as preserves the flexibility of the fabric and reduces the weight of the finished product.

The company developed a series of pilot products with heating modules integrated into the fabric. The heating garment samples are presented in several segments:

  • in the category "special purpose clothing" - a set of overalls and a jacket for work in extreme weather conditions at temperatures up to minus 30 degrees Celsius.
  • In the niche "tourist and sports outfit" - a heated jacket for high-altitude mountain climbing. Testing of the jacket was conducted jointly with the participants of the mountaineering expedition on climbing Elbrus and other peaks of the Caucasus mountains.
  • In the segment "clothing for everyday use" - vest and kruta developed together with FARRDI brand.

In 2022 the company's heating modules were used by the manufacturer of children's clothing ORBY to create an autumn-winter collection of products with a heating function.

Application/sales markets:

  1. Overalls:
    • For employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, housing and public utilities workers,
    • For work in conditions of low temperatures of the Far North.
  2. Sports clothes:
    • For extreme sports and active winter holidays,
    • For professional athletes.
  3. Everyday winter clothing.
    • Removable heating blocks for all kinds of outerwear,
    • Personal protective equipment (gloves, socks, gloves, masks, shoes),
    • awnings and other covering materials with heating capabilities,
    • elements of textile upholstery for cars.

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