NewStep specializes in the development of osteointegrative exoprosthetics.

The company has developed and patented Russia's first device system for percutaneous prosthetics of the lower extremities. Two patents were received: a utility model and an invention. The patented medical device is designed for patients with lost lower extremities and is used in osteointegrative prosthetics - direct attachment of a prosthesis to the patient's residual bone. The clinical success of this type of surgery largely depends on the biomechanical stability of the implant after installation. The design features of the device developed by the startup allow to achieve a strong fixation of the product elements in the bone due to the use of additive technologies. The product consists of two elements: an implant for integration into human bone tissue and a connection module to which any of the lower limb prostheses on the market can be attached.

The company plans to develop prototypes of an osteointegrative prosthetic system for the lower leg, shoulder and forearm in the near future.

Area of application:

  • Orthopedics, reconstructive orthopedics, rehabilitation, prosthetics

Andrey Sinegub: +7 (981) 847-67-30