Functional Materials Group
Functional Materials Group
Functional Materials Group is a manufacturer of specialized nano- and micro-powder products for various industries.

The Group includes contract manufacturing, a number of product companies and the FM Trading House.

The product line of the Group includes: pigments, fillers, flame retardants, modifiers, titanium substitutes. Contract manufacturing is equipped with high-tech equipment and allows the synthesis from 5 to 80 nm (nanometer) and grinding up to 5 microns (micrometer).

Application/sales markets:

  • Plastic polymer products,
  • PVC panel production,
  • Concretes and dry mixes,
  • linoleum,
  • ecowools,
  • in the creation of refractory mixtures,
  • paint and varnish materials.
  • non-combustible roof coverings.
  • artificial leathers,
  • poured floors.

Polina Zhuravleva: +7 (911) 951-36-73